• Robert Edelman, Vice President/Winchester Development

    A linguistics major at the Yale University Institute of Far Eastern Languages, real estate development seemed like an odd career for Edelman. However, in 1990 he relocated to Myrtle Beach and a later a chance meeting with David Stradinger started the two on a string of successful oceanfront developments.

    Edelman entered the world of business in 1960 as the youngest buyer in the Gimbels, Philadelphia department store’s history. After a career in manufacturing and sales, in 1978 Edelman joined Synergy Ltd in, a Hong Kong based manufacturing company representing such giants as K-Mart, Sears, and Calvin Klein. He shared residences between Shanghai and Hong Kong while overseeing the company’s manufacturing facilities throughout mainland China.

    Returning stateside in 1990, he embarked on a real estate career. Within a few years he met and joined Stradinger at Winchester and rounded out what has proved to be a most successful and innovative development team. To date this team has successfully developed a thousands of condominiums in a varying array of impressive oceanfront high rise towers.


    With over 30 years experience in leading and developing America’s favorite golf resort destination, visionary David Stradinger’s accomplishments are nothing less than monumental. In 1981, he founded Winchester Land and Development Corporation, and spearheaded the infrastructure for what the area would become today. His firm became the leader in planning the golf courses and condominium projects that are the heart of today’s Grand Strand. Since then, he has been dedicated to developing over 2000 premier high rise and resort oceanfront condominiums and hotels, including Carolina Winds, the Savoy, the Palms, Blue Herron and Patricia Grand. While his forward thinking ideas about resort development began in 1975 as Myrtle Beach’s City Manager, he continues to lay the foundation for the area’s economic growth and future.